Curriculum Vitae

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Journal Articles

Other Publications

Manuscripts Under Review

  • Sohn, W. & Brodsky, A. “The role of intrapersonal emotion in workplace communication technology affordances: A within-subject field experiment of one-to-one video emailing technology.”
  • Lee, M., Brodsky, A., & Kouchaki, M. “Viewing the world through one’s eyes: The role of state authenticity on altering threat perceptions and employee voice.”
  • Brodsky, A., Blunden, H., & Burris, E.R. “The information needed to voice: How frequency, mode, and target of employee interactions foster voice.”
  • Sohn, W., Brodsky, A., & Burris, E. “Shall we meet? How social support drives the outcome of workplace meetings.”

Working Papers

  • Parke, M. & Brodsky, A. “Fostering voice in remote teams: The roles of remote technology, remote meeting routines, and collocated work expectations.”
  • Blunden, H., Sohn, W., Brodsky, A., & Bernstein, E. “Rethinking virtual work transitions in a new age of virtual work: The moderating role of job complexity.”
  • Blunden, H., & Brodsky, A. “When time is on your side: Toward a temporal model of conflict escalation and de-escalation in virtual communication.”
  • Lee, M., Sohn, W., & Brodsky, A. “To email or not to email? How workplace communication technology outcomes are dependent on existing interpersonal sentiment.”

Data Analysis & Collection in Progress

  • Blunden, H., Butts, M., Brodsky, A., & Bernstein, E. “Returning back to the office: How transition from working virtual impacts work outcomes.”
  • Brodsky, A. “Overcrafting of work correspondence: The productivity and affective consequences of self-monitoring in text-based communication.”
  • Lee, M., & Brodsky, A. “How virtual work alters diversity-based outcomes.”