Andrew Brodsky


The Secrets of Successful Virtual Communication

By Andrew Brodsky

Regardless of whether you work in the office, remotely, or hybrid, we are all virtual communicators. Learning how to select the right communication mode for each task and employ it most effectively won’t just make you a better communicator—you’ll become more productive, nurture relationships, and thrive at work.

With all the options at our fingertips, workplace interactions can feel overwhelming. However, by embracing virtual communication strategically, you can make it work for you.

Build trust and influence, strengthen relationships, and lead with resilience

Featuring a chapter authored by Andrew Brodsky

Drawing on research by psychologist Daniel Goleman, co-author of Primal Leadership, this guide reveals how emotional intelligence surpasses technical competence in driving successful leadership. Explore the art of self-awareness, emotional regulation, and understanding others’ emotions, essential skills for influencing and flourishing in the workplace.

Discover how to cultivate your emotional intelligence to excel both professionally and personally.

Writing, Presenting, and Communicating with Confidence

Featuring a chapter authored by Andrew Brodsky

Navigate the complex world of workplace communication with confidence. This guide, curated by Harvard Business Review experts, offers practical solutions to common challenges, from mastering difficult conversations to overcoming public speaking anxiety.

Whether you’re honing your writing skills, perfecting your presentations, or enhancing your overall communication prowess, this book provides the practical tools and strategies essential for career advancement.

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